­Key Design Achievements

   1.        LED Display mechanics for LED TV screens for outdoor advertising with the leading manufacture of LED's and Panels for Monitors and TV's.

   2.        Mechanical design of  Vaults for CRYOGENTIC storage of small samples, complete with automated storage system.

  3.       Automation equipment for the production of electro-chemical gas sensors.

  4.       Semi and Automatic Electrode (electro-chemical) production.

  5.       Gas generators used for testing gas sensing instruments and sensors.

  6.       Miniature vane pump design (25-1000 ml) used in instruments needing to suck in gas and as a vacuum pump in picking components etc.

  7.       Extensive Electro-Chemical Proven Sensor Design (Worldwide).

  8.       Tooling for Hi-Speed Laser machining:  De-Beer (Holland) (diamond cutting), small hole machining (used for Oxygen sensors) for Exitech, Oxford Lasers and Sarantal (Ceramic GPS aerials for tracking equipment and soldiers' helmets, etc).

9.       Hi-Speed Bottling and Labelling machines for Weqas manufacture of vaccines.

10.       Design and installation of liquid (radio active isotopes) handling production machines at General Electric (GE).  

11.       Special purpose, inexpensive, plastic lift pump (only to be used once due to the toxic nature of the material handled), this also required a special purpose test arrangement.

12.       6 x special purpose R&D machines (Amersham International).

13.       Conservatory foundation design (eliminated the concrete base and reduced costs).

14.       Home-Pack control system product (System Controls), a product designed in 1979-80.  This product allowed the user to control all the electrical products within the home (central heating, alarm systems, household lights, switch on the cooker, etc.), all these operations completed just by using an external telephone.

15.       Product design for the portable Gas Instrument industry, involving all the aspects of intrinsic safety (designs have been completed and being manufactured by UK, European, USA, China and Korean companies).

16.       Record disc electro anti-static cleaning devices (one of the first uses of Carbon Fibre materials).

17.       Product design:  Cafetiere (first used in the motorway cafes).

18.       Lin Bins (Plastic bin storage system) included mould tool design for Mould Tools Fareham, in common use everywhere.

19.      First collapsible core design and manufacture for plastic injection moulding process, now in common use in the plastic moulding industry.

20.       Gramophone cartridges (used by Garrard, BSR and many others).

21.       Piezo electric lighter mechanisms (NKT, Japan) used in gas lighters.

22.       Runway lights (Thorn) (Atlas Lighting) used on runways throughout the world.

23.       Aluminium Silo Valves (W.H. Rowe).

24.       Pipe work and valve details (various)

25.       Air Motor (RB211 Jet engine)

26.       Fluildic systems and actuating vales for the P1127 (better known as the Harrier jump jet).

27.       Actuation valves for the Russian Concord (Concordski).

28.       Assembly fixtures for the Hovercraft.

29.       Assemlby fixtures for Clark equipment diggers and earth movers.

30.      Mechining fixtures for the Concord Wings.

31.     Design and detailed design of  Steel frame buildings for Hills and Condor.

32.       Assembly fixtures for the Automotive industry (Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, etc.).

33.       2 shot mould tool design (over moulded products).

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